Sunday, June 16, 2013

Full Circle

Thanks to Dan Rademacher, editorial director of Bay Nature, for his fine report about The Ghost Below.

Dan's neighbor is Beth Terry who has inspired us and so many others with myplasticfreelife

We dug deep through our photo archives to find these pics from March 22, 2010. We are quite competitive with the collecting - vying for who can find the "best" of the day. So you can imagine our feelings of avarice when Beth found this Oreo cookie from Hong Kong.

Yes, back then we did some internet searching but nothing came up. But today, just today,  LOOK an amazing find!!! 

In the astounding blizzard-y welter of plastic stuff here is this! A charm from a little girls bracelet or a key-chain dangle. Or maybe it was, as one website says, a Halloween novelty. But in the big picture, what could it mean that someone had an idea and went to the trouble to shape, make and market this little trifle. And, what will some future sleuth make of it? The holy communion wafer of the First Church of PVC?