Sunday, August 27, 2017

Which story?

Tending the grandkids on a 104° scorcher of a day means it's time for a dip in the pool. 
We discovered the prefect alternative to plastic beach toys — ZUCCHINI.

Who knew that zucchini float???
And could be so much fun???

As avid bloggers about our garden at Rancho D and our beach plastic adventures at Kehoe Beach we sometimes find that there is a crossover so we are unsure about where to post — is it a plastic story? or a vegetable story? Either way we are filing for a patent on this squash — when we think about the boxes of plastic beach toys we have collected — imagine if those had all been vegetables washed ashore!!!

We are just back from a stunning trip to Oregon to view the total eclipse. Our blog post about that adventure touches on many of the themes we frequent - the play of serendipity, the importance of daily practice. 

We began our journey with a stop at the reception for Tidal Response: Coastal Marine Environments from Above and Below at the Petaluma Art Center. Thanks to curator Carin Jacobs we were pleased to be in the company of the fine group of artists who use a variety of media (3-D modeling, printmaking, ceramics) to respond to the complex ecosystem of the ocean.

We were amazed by the crowd of art enthusiasts and the vitality of the community support for the center. If you missed the opening there is still time to see the show, until October 21 with upcoming events.