Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lovin' the dots

We know how much you love polka dots so we thought you might like to see our "drought dots" cut from Astroturf salvaged from the soccer field at Marin Academy when they replaced their old fashioned plastic sports lawn for the new improved (still plastic) synthetic turf.

The contractors had tossed big rolls of the stuff into the dumpster. While driving Judith did a double take, came to a screeching halt, turned her car around and headed back. Not sure what we might do with this amazing find, nevertheless she filled her car to the brim.

There is much discussion about the efficacy of this turf and the possible detrimental health effects of the off-gassing of the plastic, even so we have LOL watching folks amused by our circular lawn and especially since it stayed bright green even during the drought.

For the kids the dots are perfect shoe putting-on islands and they have made a hop-scotch game of jumping from round to round.

With the green, the spotted pattern on the fawns doesn't camouflage like it does with brown leaves and dappled light, but mom doesn't mind. Here they are just out our front door — lovin' the dots.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

World Oceans Day

In celebration of World Oceans Day we are thrilled to be featured in TIME magazine along with such an eminent group of international artists. 

13 Artists Who Turned Ocean Trash Into Amazing Art

We continued the fun with a group from Rocky Mountain Nursery School in San Francisco who came out to help us sort through our pile of plastic. And help with a bit of test marketing for "Counting to Zero." They were keen about going for the count!