Friday, September 4, 2009

Evidence from the Gyre

A twisted mass of rope, tangled nets and buoys, a “ghost net” arrived on Tuesday direct from the North Pacific Gyre. Project Kaisei returned from their three-week ocean voyage to study the gyre and needed a place to store some of their tremendous finds. We are thrilled to be in receipt of these treasures. As Doug Woodring, project founder described it, “These samples are ‘like moon rocks.’” This precious evidence from the gyre describes the horror that we have all suspected was true. There is debris, great quantities of it. Now, deposited in our yard, is tangible proof.

Dennis Rogers, Doug and I tied a long rope to the mass of the ghost net and then strapped the rope around the sand filter for our septic system then like a come-along winch dragged the net out of the trailer.

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