Saturday, February 27, 2010

Light in a Bottle

Picking up an intact light bulb on the beach sparked a story zooming into a future when there are no light-bulbs—maybe 300 years hence. I imagined taking this delicate thing home and, around the firelight, telling the kids a dinnertime story about the past when there was bottled up lightening to keep the nights bright as day. The problem was the lack of night meant no contrast. The past people had no velvet black to relax into. The sea of stars for connecting the dots into stories became skimpy at best. Civilization began to wobble with this eccentric imbalance and eventually wound itself into chaos. There was simply too much light.

Over the years on Kehoe Beach we have found some 26 intact light bulbs of all shapes and kinds. Here is a selection from 15 of the best slides. Yes, slides...remember them?

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