Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Environmental Grantmakers Association

Richard and I are back from an amazing week at Asilomar for the Environmental Grantmakers Association conference where we presented a series of new works and spoke about the importance of adding love and beauty to the environmental conversation. After days of charts and statistics about the demise of species and our troubled planet, our talk offered a breath of hope and highlighted the important role that art can play as an activating force. Our latest series "What's for supper?" was in the good company of Chris Jordan's powerful images Midway: Message from the Gyre.

His stunning photographs of albatross chicks filled with plastic were displayed with our soup bowls filled with beach plastic, nurdles and baby binkys- the toxic meal being served to human babies. The show made for a one-two punch and was a real conversation starter for the some 300 conference attendees. We are grateful to Harriet Barlow for the invitation.

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