Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shoot Your Wad

Wads are used to encase shot inside a shotgun shell and are one of the most pernicious pieces of plastic that we find on the beach. We have thousands of them in our collection. The walls of the wad protect the pellets from the charge restricting the shot pattern to a more coherent pattern. They shoot out of the gun and remain in the landscape long after the ducks and the hunters are gone. They float their way down rivers, from the wetlands to the sea. We have never been to the beach when we don’t find these in great numbers. Historically they were made of compressed paper, but with the advent of cheap polypropylene, they are now made of exclusively of plastic.

This print will be auctioned at the Bolinas Museum benefit auction September 17th at the Buell's historic barn. It's a great summer party for a great cause. We hope you will join us.


  1. I enjoyed reading about your interesting writings and the things you have found. I, too, have been keeping a trash blog (intermittently). It is at: www.tinyurl.com/trashblog

    I have several videos at: www.youtube,com/ednibroc
    The latest video is about plastic straws: http://youtu.be/qPVPaG6gQb0

  2. Hi, I'm Alessandra from Italy.
    I think your cration are amazing and I've been following your blos for a long time but I never invite you to visit mine.
    I've just put your video (taken by Vimeo)with your link on my new post because I think in Italy we need it. It is a great lesson for our country, we don't care about recycling but we should do it.
    thanks for your art