Monday, October 15, 2012

Flyin' High

We are flyin' high in the Dutch inflight magazine ArkeFly.

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  1. WOW;
    so much to say I'm speechless first THANKS for raising consciousness I started collecting plastics for the same reason in 1965 but never had the charming way of comunicati9on to Main stream media ect. I collected not just from beaches but everywhere.
    At first tops and corks were considered "Non recyclable" so i saved them for art..No they are theoretically recycled(as in plastic lumber)then I found out about the burning projects(Many of them to create dear energy) YUK we have a warehouse for recycle /upcycle art appx 7000 sq.ft. with over five tons of every imaginable symbol known to man. I have been seeking collaborators for large projects(all my old re-cycle art friends are kind of reclusive and not so into the environmental aspect(Best,Bascom,Fuente,Harrod Blank,Mc Gowen)etc etc. (this is a list of the first recycle artists in Marin co in 59-69 .
    I am currently working on a diversion /natural building project in local schools and various jobs to support my "Art habit" I think you are both brilliant and love your work and message.i have been similarly inspired and find interest in artists in "the movement" basically colored plastic is a mis guided storage place for billions of gallons of paint,everything that can be painted could be covered with plastic instead putting it in demand would eliminate waste. See my work on Face book Nico Morris Sebastopol . Blessings and how NICE the beach is my first beach centered piece was in Fort Bragg (Glass Beach) in 1970..then Hawaii in 1991..