Thursday, August 8, 2013

Head over heels

Top: Eli Lang age 31
Bottom: Judith Lang age 63
Do the math!!!

On Saturday July 13, we celebrated Judith's 63rd birthday with Eli and Robin Lang with our annual Abbott's Lagoon to Kehoe Beach trek. Eli got right into the spirit of the dunes and inspired Judith to follow suit. Robin put together this diptic.

It's Snowy Plover nesting season and we had the thrill of being fooled by what we thought was an injured bird who used his broken wing decoy dance to lead us away from the nest. We totally fell for it- his fluttering in the sand pretending that he could not take flight evoked our Florence Nightengale "poor bird" feelings. We tried to get close to see if we could help out - but as soon as we were away from the nest, he fluffed his feathers, gave a wink of his eye and tweeted as he flew away,"ha! ha! just kidding!"

Although there are more Plover nests this year the failure rate is greater than in the past. Park personnel and volunteers are monitoring the nests and educating people about the importance of keeping a keen eye out for the well camouflaged birds and nests.

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