Sunday, February 16, 2014


Due to what Richard has aptly named "a drought related injury" we were unable to go to the beach this weekend. In our sink and shower we have a 5 gallon bucket system to catch the cold water before it goes to warm. The dishes are done in an insert then emptied. The heavy buckets are then hauled out to garden to keep our winter vegetables (tatsoi and kale) going. As Richard was doing the dishes he turned and crashed into the unaccustomed bucket—Who put that there?  

So instead we spent a productive weekend at home. For a follow-up conversation Michael Wing, the science teacher from Drake High, came out to Forest Knolls to interview us for a book he is writing about how to keep the spirit of inquiry alive. His final question what's next?  had us both flummoxed. But as we worked our way through the weekend, announcements for a couple of design competitions came our way so we are off and running with some exciting new ideas about the molecular structure of water. Stay tuned! 

Adam Ratner and his team of volunteers at The Marine Mammal Center has been keeping up with the tying of the promise tags.  Judith prepped the strips with a brush of ocean blue colors. By now over 1,000 pledges have been made on site at TMMC. Promise to do your part for a healthy ocean online HERE!

promise tags at the Marine Mammal Center

There has been lots of good news from the Anchorage Museum about the exhibition Gyre: the plastic ocean.  

To eliminate the carbon footprint of shipping our collection of plastic to Anchorage, we opted to send high-res files of the images. We figured that Alaska already has plenty of plastic. That was evident in four tons collected by the Gyre expedition of artists and scientists from a four-mile stretch of beach at Hallo Bay, AK. Our gratitude to the expert team at the Anchorage Museum who printed and mounted our artwork big on the wall where it is basking in the glow of our colleague Cynthia Minet's "Pack Dogs" in this feature in Wired.

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