Sunday, August 24, 2014

Necco Wafers

Judith's eye-catching jewelry is often a great conversation starter about beach plastic and plastic pollution. So when she wore a necklace to the watercolor class she teaches at the Rohnert Park Senior Center, her students were curious about the "beads", the round NECCO Wafer colored disks. 

We had no idea about what these simple round shapes might be. We knew that they had to be something because over the years we have found a bagful of them.

The next week student Connie Allen was sure that she had found the answer in the livestock area at the Sonoma County Fair. The round disks are ear tags. Like a pierced earring they are stapled through the ear of sheep, goats and cows for numbering and identifying. 

Special thanks to Connie for her help identifying this mysterious piece of plastic. 

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