Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Beach Scoop

It's rare day when it is clear enough to see, in sharp relief, the distance all the way from Kehoe Beach to the Point Reyes lighthouse. This scoop of strand called The Great Beach or 10 Mile Beach is usually drenched in fog, rain or surf mist. But on this day, it was sunny and warm—the horizon razor sharp. From the top of the hill where we snap a pic on every visit, Judith caught this image of our troop headed down to the tide line: Doug, Doug's brother Pete with his two boys Harry and Walker plus just in from Hong Kong our new friend Kwokzu.

Our old friend Doug Woodring has a keen eye for plastic. He is the co-founder of the Ocean Recovery Alliance, founder of the Plasticity Forum and coordinator for the Hong Kong International Ocean Film Festival. And, besides being a plastic activist par excellence, he has time to be a competitive open water swimmer. 

So our favorite place to take him when he visits from Hong Kong is Kehoe Beach. Although we all found bagfuls of plastic there was only one agricultural tie, found by Doug.

Check out those green sacks. The Gardener's Hollow Leg, donated to us by Bob Bloomberg, are an indispensable part of our beach attire. Yes, count 'em— four bags full.

Doug's keen eye also has us appreciating the sand flies scattering like wind blown chaff.

As 2014 draws to a close we are grateful for friends from both near and from far across the sea who are as avid as we are about doing something about the plastic pollution problem. 

We can't thank you all enough…yes we can!!! and the planet thanks you too. THANKS! and Happy New Year!

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