Sunday, September 20, 2015

Coastal Clean Up 2015

No fog, just clear skies and warm.

No plastic, or so it would appear. Then keened-eyed Janis found a Kraft Handi-snack cheese spreader.

OK — we are off and running.

It's Coastal Clean Up Day and 75 people give or take came to Drakes Beach to pitch in on the planets biggest volunteer effort. 10,000 people participated at Manila Bay, Philippines.
In Manatee County, Florida some 1700 folks turned out.

For Marin County the count is still being tallied. But we do know that Janis collected 14 lbs. and Judith 11 lbs. that included bags full of sibling rivalry.

After the clean up the Selby-Jones-Lang team headed for the Bay Model and the Lion's Club volunteer appreciation BBQ and to celebrate Janis' artistic documentation that, as a visitor wrote in her guest book, "Art is the new science for decisions."  

Janis' bold images of plastic posed on the horizon that she takes during her daily walks on the beach in Carlsbad are great reminders that everyday is a day for cleaning up.

Janis' reunited with best old friends from 40+ years ago from her formative years on 34th Avenue, Sacramento.

The Bay Model has kid-friendly interactive educational displays. So just in case you were wondering, just flip flap for the answer:

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