Saturday, February 26, 2011


We arrive at the film screening just off the beach — hair tossled, shoes sandy, pockets full of fresh finds – exuberant because the cold clear air has snapped everything into sharp focus and we’re rollin’-ready to evangelize about our eco- love story.

Days before there had been a great northern storm that had threatened snow to sea level. And although the flurries never made it- there was evidence of the gale winds. The beach was “blown-out,” meaning when a storm passes with mostly wind the sand blows over the big pieces of plastic – challenging our hunting gathering skills. Sometimes only a thin knife edge of a large piece is visible.

Since there was not much plastic where the trail meets the beach, we stretch it out, walk quickly all the way north to the end- the full 1,000 yards - then meander back.

Early on, in the art-making part of our journey together we made a piece from a toy plastic pirate knife. Both of us had 25+ years in the studio as solitary artists so to express the Venn diagram of both the love and the art, Judith made a piece to depict the process. With a knife set on end and a little filigree plastic butterfly on the edge- we called it "Collaboration." It's a dance on the edge with two strong egos at work.  who've decided to not release anything until there is complete agreement. Today, eleven years later we find another knife; this time the fantasy has gone from pirate to commando. A plastic commando knife. Hmmm we need something else. Stay tuned.

We do gather three bags full of plastic, but distraction rules on a day so clear and a low tide to boot. Mussels (dipped in butter) for the party after the panel. At home the knife has gone to butter- hummmm from butterfly knife to butter knife- what’s the meaning in that message?

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