Friday, February 4, 2011


This is high season for plastic plus it’s a beautiful, mild, windless day. So much plastic to choose from could turn us gluttonous. We go with son Eli who is back from sojourns in Africa (the kid's passport is 'bout a half inch thick with visas). It was Eli who accompanied Richard on the first Kehoe cleanup in 1996 three years before the fateful meeting of Judith. Judith had been gathering her own plastic from a place called Blackie's Pasture Beach, around the same time.

Eli in 1996

Lots of rubbery fish lures, which we love, lighters and two "army" men—a dancing Indian and an alien in a Hazmat suit. Maybe the most special item, a helmet from a Ninja Turtle. Judith again, with her skillful looking. Two doll brushes! In twelve years of doing this we've only found four total. We hefted home six bags full and at this writing we're still "processing"—washing and sorting. 

Best of all, though, was the low tide. High luminous clouds reflected in the sheer of soft tide washing far up the beach. And the great bonus with the low tide, we were able to get to the mussel beds and gathered a bucket for supper. mmmmmmmmmMussels.


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